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2003-07-09 - 12:05 p.m.

I get almost nothing done at work. It's not always my fault. Today's events are a good example of why I can't get anything done. I came in and started working on some code. It was an application another developer architected so I needed some time to really get into what I was doing. As soon as I get in a groove a meeting reminder pops up.

I spent an hour in a meeting listening to Pinkie trade stupid jokes with his cronies. They argued for a good 20 minutes about whether or not some form fields should be required. The entire time I was sitting there thinking "I really don't give a damn whether they are required or not, just decide and let me know and I'll code it." My only involvement in the meeting was informing the project manager that I'm working on the code. Obviously I'm working on the code, what the hell else would I be doing? I'd be working on the code right this minute if I hadn't been dragged to this useless meeting.

The highpoint of the meeting was Pinkie nearly falling out of his chair. He wobbled backward but managed to catch himself -- how disappointing. I was sincerely hoping he'd fall on his fat ass and maybe crack open his round pink head.

Now I'm back to my desk and I have to start the process of getting focused all over again, only this time I'm irritable because I just wasted an hour in a meeting I didn't need to attend and lost my train of thought with the code I was writing.

Every day I come in here I hate this job a little more. I actually have the money to live comfortably with no pay at all for quite some time. I find myself, daily, on the verge of standing up in one of these stupid meetings and saying "You know what, fuck this" and walking out and never coming back.

In recent entries I wrote about my paltry raise and title dispute. They refused to cave on the title but I managed to make them fork over a 9% raise. It doesn't matter. They could have given me a 100% raise and I'd still want to quit.

I should get a housemate. I have the money to pay my bills for the forseeable future but it would be a more judicious use of my funds if I got a housemate. Here is my situation, maybe Warrior Geek fans out there can give some advice. I'm in my mid 20s and single. I own a 4 bedroom house and I live by myself. I have 5 years of experience doing software development but I pretty much have decided I loathe the 9-5 corporate world. I have about $200,000 in equity in the house and maybe another $50k in various assets. I could sell everything I own and just travel and fuck around until I figure out what next. I could get a housemate and try to get more consutling clients (I have some now) and just work for myself (a most likely scenario). I could try my hand at a new career entirely. I could resign myself to a life of tending bar or working at a coffee shop and still live a somewhat comfortable life. What would you do in my position? Is there an option I'm not considering? Leave your comments.

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