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2003-09-15 - 3:16 p.m.

I think working here has officially made me evil. One of our managers announced that Mr Pink threw his back out over the weekend and won't be in today. I had to make a real effort to disguise my glee. I guess that is what he gets for being such a fatass.

They are making us have two meetings a day now -- TWO -- on the same subject. We have this project that was due a week ago, it isn't done because we just got the requirements a week ago. The managers are all freaking out about it being late and trying to get us to work weekends. They are insisting we meet at 9am and 4pm to discuss what we plan to do today and what we've accomplished today respectively. This could really be done over email. We could have 1 meeting either at 9 or 4 to discuss what we did or plan to do today or yesterday. Having two meetings just takes two hours out of my day that could be spent writing code. But, it's their dime, if they want to do things the stupid way I suppose that is their call.

I don't really care what happens because I'm about to leave for a 2 week vacation to Scandinavia. The project won't be finished before I leave and when I get back it'll be all gone like magic. Neat, huh?

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