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2003-07-02 - 12:26 p.m.

Today I'm working at home. Why? Because there was a big flood in the basement of the building I work in and my cube is in the basement. The rugs are soggy, the entire place wreaks of mold and the ceiling is dripping. Sounds healthy, doesn't it? You would think a company like mine -- a company with billions of dollars and thousands of employees and dozens of offices would bar staff from working in a smelly, moldy location. Think of the cost of sick days this could incur, or even the cost of lawsuit if someone really got sick. Because they are idiots, these are the options the staff was presented:
1. Work here, in this repulsive, illness inducing environment. If you feel the urge to vomit you know where the bathroom is.
2. Work from home, IF, you have a computer and your work can be done from home (too bad if you need to do work on the network or need to use office equipment or don't have a computer).
3. Use YOUR vacation time to stay at home until the office is clean.

They didn't offer to set us all up with alternate work space, they didn't offer us paid time off until the situation is resolved. I love how they tell me their most valuable asset is their employees, they have a funny way of showing it.

I also have an update on the raging battle front I wrote about in the last two entries -- how I'm getting fucked on salary and title. My manager had a talk with the powers that be and supposedly a decision was reached. I am not sure what that decision is because I have to wait until Monday to find out. I get the impression some action was taken because I got email about changes to my salary. I have no idea of the terms I'm going to be presented will be acceptable but if they are smart they will have come up with something that will dissuade me from talking to a lawyer or just quitting immediately without notice.

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