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2003-03-21 - 12:49 p.m.

So we are a few short hours away from releasing the long overdue application that I helped Ms Psycho debug. Note that it was orignally her responsibility to write and debug it but apparently that was too much for her. Earlier in our story I mentioned a complicated requirement that the client wanted that Ms Psycho didn't want to address. I ended up talking to the manager on the project and we agreed that it would be best to address that particular requirement after the first release of the application. It was going to be a time consuming venture and there was no sense in holding up the release for this one feature that could be added later. We were all in agreement -- or so I thought.

I got a frantic call from Ms Psycho but fortunately I wasn't at my desk. She left voice mail asking me to call her. She, of course, wouldn't tell me what we needed to discuss or send an email. When I got back to my desk there was an Instant Message from Ms Psycho telling me to call her. Fucking persistent, isn't she?

I asked her what the problem was. She was cryptic as always, trying to goad me into a phone call.

Ms Psycho: I need some questions answered for a tester.
Warrior Geek: If you mean A we just spoke and I answered all of his questions.
Ms Psycho: I wasn't able to answer his questions.
Warrior Geek: That is OK, I took care of it.
Ms Psycho: He has an outstanding defect.
Warrior Geek: No he doesn't, not for this release, he and I already discussed it (thinking to self so fuck off already)
Ms Psycho: But the defect is not resolved. Who approved it?
Warrior Geek: (thinking to self damn it is like talking to a brick wall here) If you are talking about Feature X we decided we are going to take care of it after the release.
Ms Psycho: Under whose authorization?
Warrior Geek: Hang on I'll find the email (thinking to self that you were no doubt CC'd on, bitch)

I went off to look for the email and after a moment of searching I thought to myself forget it, the person who authorized this decision, Sorority Life, is sitting 5 feet away from me, I'll just double check with her that I am not mistaken and tell Ms Psycho that if there is a problem to take it up with Sorority Life. Done and done.

Not even two seconds later Sorority Life's phone rang. Whatever, not my problem, let Sorority Life tell her what I just told her. I mean I was a tiny bit sorry for Sorority Life. I heard her exasperated sigh and she said "You were cc'd on the email." Haha, Psycho, I told you so! I thought.

Nearly 45 minutes passed before Sorority Life got off the phone. I only heard her end of the conversation but it was clear that Ms Psycho was arguing ferverently to have the feature implemented in this release, even if it was a shoddy, buggy, half-working version of it. Thank goodness Sorority Life is no dummy. She stood her ground and listened to Ms Psycho rant with the patience of a saint.

This just goes to show that Ms Psycho is an evil bitch. She didn't want to do the feature to begin with. She only took an interest in the feature after it was assigned to me and I discussed it with managers and we agreed that it should be done later. She didn't really want the feature done, she just wanted to try to prove me wrong and make me scramble to get the feature working hours before the release. She wanted me to be the one with the defect holding up the release. Fuck her. That's another victory for Warrior Geek, I'm 2 for 2 I think.

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