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2003-03-24 - 1:48 p.m.

I had to go to a meeting this morning with Pinkie and Psycho. It was horrible. I should add that Ms Psycho, on top of being stupid and annoying, is one of those ren fest people. She comes to meetings in poofy shirts -- she isn't just an office villain, she is a fashion criminal.

To add to her freakishness she is a portly woman who eats pretty much all the time and usually it is something gross. She will sometimes interrupt a discussion mid-sentence to go off and get food. Today she had some puketastic creamy pasta concoction. Ew! She is also diabetic or something so she has some freaky plastic insulin tube protruding from her side. I am sorry to slam on diabetics here, if she wasn't such a freak otherwise I probably wouldn't even notice the tube. I only noticed it because she has so many other freaky qualities.

Psycho was blabbering on and on about how we are going to need a very senior level developer to do such and such. As usual, I did my best to make her look like an idiot, assuring the manager in the meeting that I could probably do it. Much to my chagrin the manager didn't leap out of his seat and pounce on Ms Psycho and ask her what the fuck is wrong with her that she thinks everything is such a big deal.

Ms Psycho is supposed to be sending me some specs. I will bet you the day won't pass with under 3 phone calls from her heinousness.

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