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2003-03-21 - 2:23 a.m.

Being a hero isn't easy. Being alone with your hero angst isn't even much fun. Fortunately for me there are other heroes in Officeville -- these brave souls serve as amusement, stress-relief and confidants. In order battle our collective stress level that we are prone to while fighting the forces of stupidity and evil, we've come up with a game. I present to you Office Bingo.

Office Bingo is the brainchild of Visio Princess. She even made us adorable little game cards. They are similar to regular bingo cards except each box has an event listed in it like someone throwing a tantrum, or the same person calling 3 or more times in less than 5 minutes or being asked a question that is blatantly not your job to answer. Each time one of the heroes encounters one of the events he or she marks off the appropriate box on his or her bingo card. The first player to get bingo wins.

I don't know what we are actually playing for. Visio Princess says she has a prize waiting for the winner. We're going to take turns bringing in prizes for winners. I bet with my impending combat against Mr. Pink and Ms Psycho I'll have bingo in no time.

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