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2004-02-12 - 3:19 p.m.

Me: Are there certain situations where a view link does not display:

Requirements Person: No, it always displays.

Me: Well I see on the prototype on line 20 that no view link shows for that record. Is the prototype incorrect?

Requirements Person: No, the prototype is right.

Me: So then there *are* some situations where there is no view link.

Requirements Person: Well, if we want to show it we can.

Um, we who? Am I supposed to have a preference here? I don't give a fuck. I am here to write this code based on the requirements I'm given. I have no wants other than to finish this application, so please just either say the prototype is right or wrong and let me finish my work and don't mess with me.

Me: I am not sure what you mean by that. I just need to know whether it displays always or not and if not under what circumstances it is not to display. M'kay?

Requirements Person: Let's always display it.

Yes, let's get crazy here. Actually, I'm glad to hear you say that because that is really what I *wanted* in my heart of hearts. You've made my day.

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