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2004-01-15 - 11:50 a.m.

Today, at the water cooler:

Office Manger: "Um... Michelle"

Me: "My name is *****"

Office Manger: "Oh sorry... well listen I don't have your ID badge"

(We are supposed to all have company photo ID badges, the office manager is supposed to get them to us.)

Me: "OK well just get it to me when it's ready"

Office Manager (to his intern): "Come in here"

The intern sheepishly slinks in.

Office Manager: "I want you to tell her why she doesn't have her badge."

(Keep in mind I really really don't care about the badge one way or another. I've also been told by the Office Manager, repeatedly, that the label maker has been lost and that it could be a while before I get it. As you can imagine, my lack of an employee badge is not keeping me up at night.)

Intern: "I lost the label maker."

Me: "OK" (because really I DON'T CARE, and I don't really want to even have this conversation.)

Office Manager: "If he doesn't find it he will have to replace the one he lost, out of his own money"

Me: "uh huh" (Still don't give a damn, leave me alone please!)

Office Manager: "And it's gonna cost like $150"

Me: "OK" (whatever)

Office Manager: "So he better look for it."

Me: "right"

Intern: "It's probably been stolen"

Office Manager: "Now who would want to steal a label maker?"

Intern shrugs

Office Manager: "I just think you forgot where you put it." (turns to me and says) "I just want him to look for it, or else he will have to replace it. So one way or another, we'll get your your badge."

Me: "M'kay well I have to do some work, so I'll talk to you later."

Any way, sorry about not updating for a while, WG fans. I really meant to post all about my Scandinavian adventures but I got shamefully lazy and just couldn't face the public without exciting Nordic drama. I will still try to get that stuff up, but I'm battling severe laziness here.

Speaking of vacations, I has come to my attention that W Hotels has a service called whatever/whenever. Is it wrong to consider planning a vaction that revolves solely around making totally unreasonable demands of a hotel staff? Because I can think of some things I'd like to have and they do not involve tubs of chocolate milk.

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