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2003-09-18 - 3:07 p.m.

Mother Nature is a worthy foe, and for this round she has been victorious. My travel plans have been derailed by the damn hurricane. Stupid nature! I will go set forest fires now, that will show the bitch. OK maybe I won't do that, maybe I will just lay around my house in my pajamas eating pastries and drinking booze and watching movies. I know it does nothing to spite nature but I'm too bummed out to plot revenge right now.

The breakdown of all that sucks is as follows:

1. I lose a day of my trip. Not only do I lose a day, I lose a day in Copenhagen, the city I was most excited about. Now I only have like a day and a half there and I'll be jetlagged.

2. I probably do not get my money back. I am out $100 for tomorrow night's hotel fees because I won't be there.

3. I fucked up my toe pretty badly. I did it breakdancing. Lesson learned, always, always, always wear sneakers when breaking. It is now a heinous shade of purple. The health care professional I consulted said it should be OK in a week and to take ibuprofen and keep ice on it.

Possible silver lining: My toe may be less fucked up by the time I arrive in Denmark. Also, I am not at work. Power is dodgy and no one is there. Our project deadline even got pushed up so we have an extra day. I guess there is some good news.

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