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2004-05-05 - 5:48 p.m.

For a long time now a battle has raged between me and the powers that be at work. I get the impression that certain people in charge think having ovaries impairs ones ability to be a geek. I've got no proof of course, just observations. I've been passed over for title changes and promotions more than a few times, in spite of my stellar performance reviews and high accolades I get from my teammates around the office. I see penis-having team members getting more than generous treatment in those categories. I've fought with them before about this issue, sticking to the facts (my performance rocks and I do the work of and have the experience of a fairly senior engineer) and been given very nominal concessions so far.

Today however, I finally got the title change I've been wanting for a year now. Not without some arguing though. My very own Lumberg told me he and the senior managers had decided not to change my title. I said "why?" and he said "well we looked at the other developers around here and the ones we compared you with were at the level we placed you at. Who do you consider your peers with comparable experience and skills?" I gave some names. Lumberg protested that those guys had 5 or 6 years of experience, I replied "I've got 7". He argued that they do project lead work. I said "so do I" and gave examples. He was clearly at a loss. He meekly replied "well I thought you only had 4 years of experience." I told him I'd send him my resume, listing my 7 years of experience. I also told him that if he wanted he could ask the (male) peers I'd mentioned if they agreed that I was on their level. He wasn't interested in that. I think he knew as well as I do how'd they'd reply. The other engineers here aren't sexist pigs, you see, and they are well aware that I'm as good as they are.

So finally, after a long bitter battle, I won one. Hooray!

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