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2004-03-19 - 4:33 p.m.

I hate our time sheet software. I hate it with every fiber of my being. It's not just slow and prone to crashing, it's also totally smart assed.

Every time you make a change to your time sheet, be it a typo, an additional number of hours to report, whatever, it wants an explanation as to why you are making a change. "Dear Time Sheet Software, I fucked up, if it was right before I would have left it that way, now quit fucking bothering me." Say you had the wrong billing code for some work you did. Not only do you have to explain why you deleted hours from the first code, you also have to explain by you added hours to the correct code. Sometimes the software crashes when you are in the middle of saving your work and so it thinks you made a mistake and wants you to explain it, even if there was no mistake.

You know what else, there are birds, fucking birds, fluttering around a clock. Yes they managed to fit the making of impressively stupid graphics into the timesheet software development budget but no funds were left over to insure the software wouldn't be a total fucking pain in the ass to use.

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