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2004-02-04 - 3:41 p.m.

So a certain bitchy project manager has been all over my case about wanting some project done and demanding I give a time estimate, etc. Meanwhile she's tells me "oh the requirements are almost done, so estimate based on what we have so far." So I did that. I also kept asking when the requirements would be final. "Any day now" is what I've been hearing for a month. So I've been developing based on loosely what I think is actually required.

Meanwhile this project manager has been harrassing me daily, asking "How's the project coming?" I don't know why she thinks there will be a change to this answer or why she needs to keep asking me. How about this, if there's a problem, I'll let her know. I mean does she want to know that today I wrote this loop and that conditional statement? The project is fine. I said it would be done in 3 weeks and that is when it will be done. Have I ever missed a deadline? No. I have not -- never once in the 2.5 years I've been here. Everyone knows I am perfectly reliable and my quality of work is top notch, so stop bothering me. Stop micromanaging me. Stop baby sitting me. Go away. The more time you spend making me update you the less time I spend writing software.

So now I am like a little over a week from the deadline I agreed to based on the info I was given and the project manager goes and totally changes the requirements! Of course she doesn't want to change the deadline. I told her I will need an extra week. She's balking. She is also insisting I come to a meeting to discuss the changes. I can read, I don't want to have a discussion. I want to be left alone to do my work. Having a meeting will not make me code any faster but it may increase my desire to punch her.

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