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2003-05-21 - 4:32 p.m.

It's been quiet around Officeville for me lately since I'm working on a pretty solitary project. The other denizens of Officeville are resourceful though and still find ways to annoy me.

First of all, Visio Princess is in Rome this week, good for her. While she is away some idiot has decided to take over her cube. There's a glut of vacant cubes in the office but I guess this bitch decided she just has to have Visio's cute little work space, adorned with all her Princess paraphernalia. I hope Visio dishes out a severe thrashing when she returns, though she is probably too pacifist for that kinda thing.

Secondly, some one has been on speaker phone for hours today, having an extremely loud and inane conversation. The guy on the other end of the call, I suspect, is actually mentally retarded, you can kinda tell by the voice, but it appears to be a business conversation. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with this place.

My last complaint for the day is this: my co-workers are obsessed with the Bachelor. I'll skip the rant on what is wrong with the Bachelor, I am sure you all know. The fact that my idiot co-workers enjoy this show is further evidence that they suck. The fact that they spend hours discussing every minute detail of the show and theories about the people on it is evidence that they are actually insane.

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