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2003-04-29 - 3:16 p.m.

I think the office may actually be totally free of babies and small children today. This is a real rarity around here. Denizens of Officeville love to show everyone how prolific they are.

The baby disruption has been replaced by a feuding phone call. This guy in a nearby cube apparently considers it appropriate to loudly argue with his wife over the phone.

Finally, I must confess, I've been a very bad girl. I have not filled out my TPS reports for like 4 days. I got an angry email, chastising me for this unforgivable act of neglect. My favorite part of the email is as follows: "Filling out your TPS reports is not brain surgery! It's really not that hard!" Silly administrator, it isn't that I find filling out TPS reports difficult, it is just something that doesn't interest me, appealing to my sense of shame about feeling stupid just isn't going to do much good around here -- considering where the bar is in this office I don't think attempts at that kind of shame are even going to register.

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