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2003-03-25 - 10:42 a.m.

My dealings with Psycho have only hardened my position that social promotion in schools has gotten out of control. Not to get political here but it is obviously a problem. I bet some learning institution let Psycho have a high school diploma, maybe even a college degree, and yet there are grade school children with more impressive writing skills.

First of all Psycho starts most exchanges with me by reminding me that she is disabled, in case I have forgotten. She then launches into some excuse justifying her inability to communicate much of anything. She will often include diagrams or spreadsheets to try to illustrate her points, which are always lost on even the savviest of readers.

Today she sent an email with changes she'd like me to make to an application she wrote. Paragraph 1 reads:

"Currently the Flow from preview to modify is interesting."

Hmm, is "Flow" a proper noun now? I am not sure why she felt the need to point out how interesting the "Flow" was, maybe this is her idea of adding intrigue to the message I'm about to read.

I read on and learn that Psycho has made up a new word. She is so innovative. The only problem with her new word is that a word for what she is trying to describe already exists. I guess she is just trying to express her creativity.

Paragraph number two is only one sentence long and it reads:

"Editing is more interesting."

I am not sure what she is comparing "editing" to. Any way, I am starting to get the feeling that Psycho is bluffing. I read all about preview to modify and I almost fell asleep. I am starting to suspect that editing isn't going to be all that interesting at all.

The email closes with the following:

"This specification is really unreadable." (No kidding) "Let me know if you need any help or have questions for ryan."

OK, ryan is not a proper noun but Flow is -- got it. I have no idea what this email means by the way. I guess I will spend several unproductive hours trying to figure that out.

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