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2003-03-21 - 1:44 a.m.

Mr. Pink is up to his usual annoying routine. He called to tell me he was going to send me an application defect. Calling me to tell me about this is pretty unnecessary. When defects are entered our system automatically sends email notification to the developer assigned to the job. I told Mr. Pink I'd be sure to look for it.

A moment later an email notification popped up, informing me that I had a defect in my bin. Before I could even log into the defect tracking software to read the notes the phone rang again. Can you guess who it was? Yup, Mr. Pink. He had called to go over the defect with me. How thoughtful of him. He read all of the defect notes to me, word for word, all three paragraphs of notes. He even read the bulleted lists...

The changes described above apply to all records in the members table, including:
- Expired members
- Probationary members
- Active members
- Honorary members
- Senior members
Is he really this bored? Does he think I don't know how to read? He can't possibly think that, how the hell would I be able to write code if I didn't know how to read. He's probably just insane, or bored, really really fucking bored. He should maybe get a hobby or surf some websites. He should definitely stop calling me. At the end of this really enlightening and intriguing phone conversation Mr. Pink asked me if I had any questions. Only one I thought to myself: Don't you think if I had any questions I'd be calling you, Jackass?!

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